Free Flow Rambling

A Canadian podcasting company bringing our creators’ passions, expertise and widely misleading information into one convenient place.

As fans of fantasy novels, we’ve come together to discuss some of our favourite works. We have a penchant for humour and the macabre. Our first and foremost piece of literature we are covering is The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Our second project is the Johannes Cabal Necromancer series.  Our four hosts Jes, Maggie, Tansenn and Amber discuss these works with the occasional guest speaker.

Our Hosts


Heyyo! I’m Jes, I have a minor background in book reviewing and a major background in hoarding books. I’m in charge of our social media, so please come and join me. I’m a huge fan of fantasy, sci-fi and YA novels, television and movies. I’ve been reading The Dresden Files since I was young, when my mother, Maggie, played the audiobooks throughout the house, over and over again. Thanks James Marsters. Since then, I’ve always had Dresden on the brain, so a podcast seemed like a good outlet.


I’m Maggie. I found the Dresden Files by way of Jim Butcher, himself, by way of James Marsters. I was a mod on a Marsters message board and Butcher popped on to proclaim his love for Buffy and Spike, and then he was all, “Hey, so I wrote a couple books and James is doing the audiobooks! Come check it out!!”, so I did – and it was good. I found yet another Harry in my life to adore and obsess over and now we’re here producing podcasts!


Hello! My name is Tansenn. I am one of the Hosts, the Producer, the Editor, and Interim Director. I am an IT manager by day, a musician by night, and a podcaster in between! I was introduced to the Dresden Files approximately 7 years ago by Maggie and have been doing my first re-read. Maggie approached me to start doing podcasts as means of a creative output involving her and her daughter Jes. I couldn’t resist because we already talk about the books non-stop!


My name is Amber.  I am a Communications professional, avid life traveler. I became a NecRomancer after Tansenn introduced me to the beloved series starring the ineffable Johannes Cabal. Pure wit mixed with deliciously clever writing by Jonathan L. Howard hooked me into this mad mad world of Never Never England.